Homeschool Basketball Tournament

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Hundreds of families from across the country are spending the week in Springfield for the National Christian Homeschool Basketball Championship.

The five-day tournament has been going at more than 20 gyms across Springfield. It’s managed to bring in more than 325 teams from about 30 different states. In total, about 8,000 people have helped book about 7,500 area hotel rooms and it is estimated that they will bring in about $3.5 million in visitor spending.

Scott Kellogg of western Michigan came to the tournament with his four daughters and says it’s been incredibly busy since things kicked off on Monday.

“Games start at 8:30 and they can go till 8:00 at night and so you’re just going from venue to venue to venue, so you have to be dedicated,” he said. “It’s not a vacation but it’s a lot of fun.”

Kellogg also says the creation of the championship has also made a great opportunity for homeschooled students across the country. “Homeschool has a stigma of maybe not being as much of a well-oiled machine as a state-run program but what Rob Flatt has done. He’s made this into a wonderfully run program which gives opportunities to the homeschool community that they just don’t get.”

The tournament will wrap up on Friday with the championship games. It’s expected to get crowded at MSU’s Hammons Student Center for those games, but that event and all other games are open for interested spectators.

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